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10th April 2011

Cookery courses in Tuscany help you to learn Tuscan Cuisine

Italy, the most captivating travel destination, is blessed with great culture, rich heritage, amazing food and a selection of sparkling wines. Among all, Italian food plays a key role in connecting travelers with the local people, customs and traditions o...

21st March 2011

Carnival sweets: a good reason to start cooking!

Among the Italian delicacies and sweets to secure a seat be reserved for exceptional sweets in general and especially those that mark the passage of time and holidays. How can we not mention the traditional Italian sweets or cake, pandoro, Cassata Sicil...

18th May 2010

Individually decorated with pop art paintings

Choose the style of a framework to enrich our walls without clashing with the rest of furniture is not always so simple. The choice is vast, you can choose a single artist or a certain style, putting up walls reproductions of famous paintings or small wor...

18th February 2010

Discover Italian Cookery, in Italy!

Where do recipes come from? Do you want to unfold the secrets of Italian cookery? If we close our eyes and try to imagine Italy, many famous features of this country come to our minds: history, top art making and rich museums, architectural beauties, ...

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