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09th February 2011

Can a Free ADD/ ADHD Program help your child?

Have you just learned your child has ADD/ADHD? Even if youíve known for a while that things are a bit different in your home, you can reach points where you feel at your witís end. The normal parenting advice may not work at all. You might be at odds with...

19th July 2010

What is the Right Question to Ask

Accidental Intentional Parenting Those sudden moments of learning are one of the nicest approaches on parenting. When my grandson arrived from school, he was already anticipating what will be my greeting question, "What three good things happened ...

23rd August 2009

Industrial Milk Hose: Perfect for supplying quality products to the customers

Farmers looking for the best tubes for their cows and other milked animals can opt for industrial milk hose. Industrial hoses are used for transferring various fluids, including air, petrochemicals, coolants, oils, smoke, fumes and gases. On the other ...

29th June 2009

Why Are There Over 80,000 Kids Who Start Smoking Every Day?

By Alya Nuri ( "Worldwide, between 80,000 and 100,000 kids start smoking every day. Approximately one quarter of children alive in the Western Pacific Region* will die from smoking." (

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