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17th April 2012

Great deal with cheap school supplies for the new academic year

The summer flew; the days of school have come again, with the air of freshness. After the long summer vacation, it is always so fresh and dynamic at the beginning of new academic year, as both kids and the school crew wants to have an enthusiastic start (...

16th November 2010

How to Obtain an IRS Levy Release

the first type of IRS levy is the IRS bank levy. You will know an IRS bank levy is imminent when you receive an IRS Notice via certified mail that reads, "Final Notice of Intent to Levy." After you receive this notice in the mail, the IRS bank levy can st...

01st October 2010

Prom Dresses

A prom is a formal dance held for a high school or college class (or graduation party), typically held at or near the end of the academic year and Prom Dresses are at the head of the list for girls prom plans. Whether you are looking for designer Prom ...

04th June 2010

Pride Rock' And The 'Elephant Graveyard

The Lion King has been recently premiered at the venue of the Prize Day ceremony that had been held at the Archbishop's Minor Seminary secondary school in the current year. The show had included more than a hundred students in its cast and also more stude...

23rd April 2010

Canadian government donates school supplies

More than 320 rucksacks filled with all the necessary articles to begin the school year were delivered by the Honorary Councillor of Canada to the E-492 Libertad school in Hualpén. The rucksacks were donated by the Canadian government and were filled ...

05th October 2009

Discover Why a School Disco Isn’t a Disco Without a Good DJ

Schools in the United States have been holding "proms" at the end of the academic year since the 1800s and references started appearing in year-books from the 1930s. This long established tradition is now gaining popularity in the UK but from party to pr...

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