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13th June 2011

Ketubahs Around the Globe

In terms of Jewish art, the ketubah is one of the first glimpses we see. The purpose of a ketubah is to bind two people in marriage. Simply put, it is a marriage contract. But over the centuries, the ketubah has developed as a true piece of artwork. It is...

30th March 2011

Historical Romance Novels Set in Europe

I recently traveled to Italy and France and I couldn’t help but think that these countries would make the perfect setting for romance novels. The gothic spires and quaint cafes of Paris, the rolling hills of Tuscany, the mystique of Venice. I felt like I ...

12th January 2011

Samsung Nexus S - The imperial blend

A perfect blend always leaves the smooth imperial feel behind. Samsung undoubtedly knows this magic mantra and so is capable of keeping the users almost in a spell of its range of handsets. Samsung Nexus S is another milestone in the traditional run. The ...

10th November 2010

Fat Loss Consists Of Making Changes

By Lori in Diet
Several individuals possibly will believe the best weight loss plan includes making adjustments and sticking to routines. Occasionally a person possibly will not remember something if that change tends not to be part of a regular activity. As a result, in...

01st September 2010

the twilight Zone World Of Joe Biden

The Vice President has always been good for a quote, or in many cases, a misquote, when it comes to explaining the reality of our world. However, many times you wonder if he and the rest of us are living in the same world and reality or we are stuck in so...

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