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12th October 2011

Celebrations and Carnival Events throughout the World

There are no fonder memories from your childhood than going to a fair ground, carnival or circus. The smell of the popcorn, hot dogs and other distinctive smells of food floating through the air along with the shouts of the various stall workers who are s...

09th February 2011

A Less Painful Way to Wax

Waxing is never a particularly fun experience, and can cause anything from mild discomfort to unsightly spots and sores, and yet we will all undoubtedly go through it in our own quest for physical perfection (or at the very least simple neatness). Howe...

20th January 2011

Create unique Mardi gras costumes with some of the exotic beads and masks

Mardi gras is one of the most well-liked occasions in the year when people around the world go on a buying spree to get the best costumes for Mardi gras day to get the most focus from the on lookers. It is a great feeling to get dressed up in unique costu...

04th June 2009

The Grit And Glory Of Being An Elvis Lookalike

Elvis Presley has been dead for 30 years. Yet his legacy lives on in the form of the thriving phenomenon of Elvis impersonators. An Elvis impersonator or lookalike is an artist who copies or imitates the iconic American musician in looks and mannerisms. E...

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