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20th September 2011

Dealing With Reflections in Your 360 Product Photography Projects

Here's a quick tip on how to work around one of those issues that we often have to deal with when photographing reflective products, which is especially applicable to our 360 product photography. If we take a cell phone or an iPad or a similar product wi...

22nd March 2011

Pack Photography - The Art Of Talking Without Words

It may be a terrible cliché, but if a picture paints a thousand words, pack photography can shift stock. There's just no other way of looking at it. If you want to sell a product then it is essential to make sure that the catalogue photo works as hard as ...

09th March 2010

Lead the Customer’s Eye with Smart Catalog Layouts

There is a certain kind of layout strategy for catalog printing that helps you lead customers' eyes to all the right places. It is all about manipulating the colors, lighting and pattern of your print catalogs to effectively and subtly lead people to the ...

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