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03rd May 2011

Risk Involved In getting Cosmetic Surgery Done

While many cosmetic surgeries are done to correct a disfigurement due to an accident or birth defect the majority of the cosmetic surgery procedures done today are purely for aesthetic reasons. Many Hollywood stars resort to plastic surgery to maintain th...

27th May 2010

Tooth Implants - Pros and Cons

A teeth implant is 1 of the most efficient and functional plastic dentistry processes and the finest selection to substitute missing or dropped the teeth. Teeth burning in a typical difficulty in millions of folks globally. If you have missing the teeth, ...

29th May 2009

Cosmetic Surgery for Anti Aging

Cosmetic Surgery for Anti Aging The most popular and quickest anti aging treatment so far is the application of cosmetics and cosmetic surgery.' The purpose of cosmetic surgery is to repair congenital defects and damage to the body. Originally cosmetic...

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