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28th October 2011

The Heritage School: An Experimental Learning School

Education is the foundation of life that keeps the wheels of progress and development running. Education can be divided into two main types: formal learning through an institution such as a school and self-taught learning or what is often termed life expe...

23rd September 2011

Maxfort School: Empowering Life

Is learning limited to the four walls of the classroom only? Should a childís exploring mind be confined within the boundaries of the school? Learning should be joyful and exciting for the young children and teachers alike. Learning outside the classroom ...

18th February 2011

Planning Is Key Ė Birthday Party Tips

When youíre planning your kidís birthday party donít let it be some boring event that no one will remember, you need to add some spice to the recipe that will make your guests remember the night for years to come. Donít let the stress of hosting these par...

28th April 2009

Educational computer games as effective learning tools.

As a parent, you should realized that your children enjoy spend many time on the computer. They loved games with interesting and colorful playing. We can actually take an advantage from this situation. Let them learn something useful through the computer ...

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