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12th February 2010

Potato Starch Uses

Potato starch is considered a great alternative to corn starch and wheat flour as thickening agent. Its chief advantage especially over wheat flour is its gluten free composition which lets it be used to thicken soups and sauces. One of the main reasons w...

07th December 2009

Get Thin Eating Pasta? - Is It Really Possible?

One of the best things in life is pasta, in my book. It truly is a 'comfort' food that is delicious, sensual and filling. Life just wouldn't be as good without it. However, unfortunately, between the high gluten, high carb, high glycemic index of refined...

21st August 2009

Healthy And Filling Breakfast Choices

In order to stay energized throughout the day, experts suggest eating a hearty breakfast daily. The first meal of the day is usually the most important. But many people seem to neglect it or eat unhealthy choices while on the go. Some may even choose to e...

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