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13th April 2011

How to Obtain a Bogus Prophet Or Untrue Prophetess in Sheep's Garments

Splinter In JapanJapan Tsunami AppealPlease advise on a DIRECT link. I have attached the song for you to listen to. I feel that this modern disaster could be viewed as a wake-up get in touch with to all of us about the radiation that surrounds us all the ...

04th April 2011

Special Greeting Cards for Special Occasion- Easter

There are some families that typically follow all of the traditions relating Easter and sending cards on this occasion seemed a thing that would least happen since meeting and wishing each other is something that has been believed to be right. Some people...

30th March 2011

The Sweet Little Easter Bunny and History

Symbolism, messages and other Pagan festival mash up is created in some people’s minds when Easter comes. The occasion’s importance is relating Lord Jesus Christ’s resurrection after three days of his crucifixion however the secular segment of the Christi...

30th May 2010

A special occasion for Youngsters

Pajama Party:- Parties are every where as it is the session of party bugs who love to party all day and all night. Pajama party is one of those kinds of parties which not only have fun but lots of craze and lots of enjoyment. This party is named as pa...

22nd April 2010

The Modern Meaning of the story of Doubting Thomas

Thomas is known to be one of the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ in the Bible. He was also referred to as Didymus which literally means the ‘twin'. He may not be a popular one among the twelve but he earned himself the name ‘Doubting Thomas'. The doubti...

25th February 2010

Easter celebration – Come back of Jesus is like dream come true

Easter is the most fortunate day in Christian calendar .The day is Celebrated as the day of rebirth of Jesus Christ after crucifixion. There are many particular services and events which are presents in Churches to explain there faith and love. The Easter...

09th February 2010

Mega Christians Celebration - Easter Day!!!!

Easter is the most special day in Christian calendar. The day is Celebrated as the day of resurrection of Jesus Christ crucifixion. There are few years in century which matches with the day of Easter. There are many special events and services which are o...

20th October 2009

EU and America Race to the Top of the Prophetic Ladder

My message is easier now for many people to understand but there is yet no rush to alter the course of the nation or even the simplest behavioral patterns of everyday life, even among conservatives. America has always been engrossed in its own politics...

29th May 2009

President Obama: A Man of Faith, and Abortion

President Barack Obama wants everyone to believe him, over the word of God. The President wants us to believe that it is not clear as to what the word of God teaches in regard to abortion. However, the President repeatedly used the word “faith&rdquo...

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