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16th February 2011

Sketching Drawing Why Do We Think So Much but See So Little?

Normal thinking, which we all do on a daily basis, can inhibit our ability to see clearly when we want to draw. Why does thinking prevent us from seeing clearly in the way an artist must to be able to draw realistically? Main text The two modes of p...

13th August 2010

VoIP is You friend

Voice over ip telephone sets are nada new, which is something that might really surprise you. Consider it or not, they have been in use for many years . Does anyone remember those old Magic Jack commercials ? This is an early example of an IP t...

27th August 2009

Back to School – Help Improve Your Childrens Learning Skills

The benefits of brain training for children on their way back to school with fun factor key to children's brain training results The secret to successful training is not only in the science behind these games, but the degree to which they engage the c...

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