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04th April 2011

Off The Grid Homes

Off the grid dwellings have gotten more common as increasingly more people begin to discover exactly how simple and easy it can be to make your very own electrical power in your own home. The improvements in home energy technology services via the sustain...

20th January 2011

Magnetic Generator to produce free power

Since the moment renewable energy resources have begun to interest people, a good deal of different alternative energy systems have been introduced by those who wish to provide their homes with clean, non-polluting and, especially, free energy. Solar ener...

05th January 2011

The Magnetic Generator as an Alternative Power Source

It is a well known concept that the three fundamental needs of mankind are clothing, a place to live, and food. Realistically speaking, even if you have those three items, your ability to survive is minimal, especially in the world in which we live, witho...

22nd September 2010

Home Made Magnetic Electric Generator- A New Way To Generate Own Electricity At Home

Not so good news on another power price hike from the energy provider upsets a lot of people like myself. Are you too? If you are, then you must be interested to read this report on how you can produce affordable electrical energy via a do-it-yourself mag...

08th February 2010

Magnetic Generators and the Difference Between Permanent Magnets and Electromagnets

We are reading a lot on the Web about magnetic generators and their ability to generate free energy. The idea that we can generate our own electricity simply by building a device using inexpensive magnets is absolutely amazing. If it is possible to gen...

01st December 2009

DIY Magnetic Generator - why use this as a form of energy for your household?

In our social culture of going Green, there are many options in energy saving, making your household greener and even producing your own energy. So is a magnetic generator a valid option for using as a power source, and how does it compare with the many ...

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