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08th January 2011

Enjoy movies channels of DirecTV during Christmas

Air is filed with the sound of jingle bells, while men, being decked up as Santa Claus, just go on hopping and jumping all around. Guess what, Christmas fete is knocking at the door and if you want to enjoy the best of TV programming package you should ...

02nd November 2010

Dressing For Success In the Holidays

Holiday parties as well as other work-related functions are both a blessing and also a curse now of the year. It's possible to trust co-workers getting drunk, setting up a pass on the male or female "hottie" through the office and lots of folks kissing a...

21st October 2010

Parties During Christmas Events

Jingle Bells, the Santa Claus dolls and the festive feel symbolize the commencement of Christmas and fun filled excitement. The exaggerated feel of the Christmas season is at its best, when one mentions the name of Christmas parties. As New Year eve comes...

17th February 2010

Wanna Party with Bingo?

Whether it's your wedding anniversary, baby showers, or the festivals like Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving or Valentines, partying with bingo has been and will always be fun! The best and the most fun filled way to celebrate everything and a...

07th December 2009

Christmas Games for Grown-ups

Not all Christmas games have to be for children, or have to be serious. Good gracious, adults like to let their hair down and have a good, silly time too. Here are several games to get you started. If this is a group that's not afraid of looking silly,...

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