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02nd December 2010

Photo canvas printing

Preservation of the memories is an age old interest of human being. canvas printing is the avenue where technology plays a significant role to conserve the remembrances for generations. This converging point of photographic art and technology is considere...

20th May 2010

Things to Consider before Choosing Canvas Prints

Photos canvas prints are some of the best means of decorating one's home. They add to the overall appeal of a room. One can install these home decors in the living areas, bedrooms as well as in the dinning area. For this, it is important that you choose r...

04th March 2010

Ways to make your greeting card simpler and easy to print

Greeting cards are meaningful in nature. They have the potential to convey special meaning to the readers. These cards are sent on special occasions and festivals. There is a wide range of themes and subjects of an organization. You can send these cards o...

18th December 2009

Print to canvas add style to your memories

Print to canvas is considered as the best way to restore your memories. They are quite durable options for decoration and digital print on canvas are the best option that provides beautiful chic appearances to the room interiors. Print on canvas is indeed...

16th April 2009

Toluene: Knowing Its Properties, Applications And Risks

What is toluene?Toluene is also known as methylbenzene, phenylmethane and toluol. It was originally extracted from the tropical Colombian tree of Myroxylon balasamum which has an aromatic extract known as tolu balsam. However, toluene is also a naturally ...

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