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30th January 2012

Keep the Yummy Stuff in Your Diet

My philosophy on staying healthy is to keep everything in balance. Have a slice of pizza, don't eat the whole pie. Have a brownie; just don't eat the whole pan. You have to enjoy life and enjoy food. If you start making certain food or ...

30th June 2011

Do Your Part to Help WaterCan Bring Sustainable Water to Areas of the World that Need it the Most

Most population of industrialized nations takes sustainable water for granted. If you had to survive not knowing when or if you'll have access to clean, potable water, it would be something you would think about constantly. Charitable organizations like W...

27th June 2011

Acquiring Art Reproductions On Canvas - What To Look For?

People that want to have the pleasure of a great collection of art know they want pieces that are going to work for their particular tastes. If you are trying to find a great way to save money while still having great art, you really do have a solid optio...

28th February 2011

Music promoters making money

Music Promoters who work with mega stars who sell out huge venues can make some serious money. But music promoters can easily find themselves working all day, every day, and only getting deeper into debt. Many music promoters have a day job that supports ...

03rd November 2010

PC-to-PC connections

There are many VOIP service providers out there, and more cropping up on a regular basis. That means there is a demand for these providers to offer even lower cost services than they already do. In an effort to increase customers, some providers are now o...

23rd December 2009

Xmas & New Year Parties – Ideas on Unforgettable Celebrations

When the festive season is upon us comes the time for many of us to book xmas & new year parties to kick off the season and provide a reason to don those glad rags! From party houses through the winter season to large party venues such as hotel function r...

30th October 2009

How to Get Rid of Under Arm Fat To Shape and Firm Up Your Arms, 5 Tips

You can learn how to get rid of under arm fat to shape and firm up your arms with some fairly common sense approach. Getting rid of under arm fat can be a real pain in the you know what. One of the biggest mistakes people make when beginning an exercise p...

27th October 2009

Things to look for in a conference call service provider

Do you have offices or clients in more than one location? Then, you most definitely need reliable conferencing services for effective business communication. While choosing a conference call service provider, consider the following aspects: Up-to-date...

26th October 2009

Kailash: journey towards self realization

Many times in life we tend to trade the basic for the complex and usually the trade-off costs a lot. Shamim Akhtar's long desire to traverse the rugged Tibetan terrain in order to reach the naval of the earth, Kailash Mansarovar might not have stemmed out...

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