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04th October 2012

True or False-Is the Freshman Fifteen Real?

The "freshman 15" is the name for the weight gain that incoming students often see during their first year of college. In this era when food has more "cred," aka credibility, campus dining halls and restaurants offer more options than years ago. Research ...

23rd February 2011

Solving Weight Gain Through Emotional Eating Disorders

Emotional eating can briefly be described as the practise of turning to food to comfort yourself when being hit with emotional problems. Eating due to emotional problems is a frequent part of weight gain and it may become a major crisis because the gaini...

19th October 2010

Exercises can improve your life

Emotional eating refers to the habit of eating in order to tackle emotional challenges. Emotional eating is considered as one of the main reason for weight gaining. While a man with uncontrollable stress usually fell in emotional eating. The secret of con...

12th February 2010

Is this Uncommon Diet Mistake Making You Overweight?

All of us have got our issues why we are fat. For many of us the blame game is a never ending loop of the reason why we turned fat in the first place. Although the majority of of us have several really good explanations for being fat, it won't make you lo...

14th December 2009

4 Ways to Rid Emotional Eating

By Marna in Diet
Face it, at the end of the day, weight loss is really about body esteem, not the food you put in your mouth. Once you make an emotional shift, you're going to be successful beyond measure long term. If you think it's simply eating less and exercising ...

12th October 2009

Identifying Various Symptoms of Depression

If you have been feeling out of sorts or otherwise down or blue, you may be suffering from depression. Depression is a mental condition that can make it difficult to experience joy in life, and can rob you of your sense of well being. When left untreated,...

14th May 2009

Weight Loss Diet Use Your Mind to Stop the Diet Wars

If you have lived the majority of your life overweight, you've most likely tried countless weight loss programs, weight loss diets and a healthy dose of drugs and pills to boot. Anyone who has gone through these experiences know that the ultimate "di...

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