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27th April 2012

Five Ways to Make a 6 Week Diet and Exercise Program Worthwhile

A weight loss regimen lasting just a week is more likely to be fantastic, but a 6 week diet and exercise program is realistic. A weight loss period of six weeks is safe, effective, and discipline-instilling. The first few weeks will be for the body to adj...

05th October 2010

Nutritious Foods To Lose Weight May Not Be Always Apparent

By Lori in Diet
Excessive weight happens to be among the most pressing medical conditions within the United States and eventually will be the United State's number one cause of preventable deaths. One primary reason being obese is escalating among the U.S. population is ...

05th October 2010

Good Contents of a Recipe for Candida Diet

There are different types of yeasts that dwell in our body. While most of these are good for the body, one sort poses a risk to the well-being of a person as soon as there is an imbalance of its growth throughout the body. Candida albicans is yeast that n...

15th September 2010

A Pair Of Weight Loss Foods To Eat

By Lori in Diet
Several individuals believe while sticking to a healthy weight loss plan she or he must eliminate foods. Of course, unhealthy products must be eliminated or else switched with a healthier food. Eggs from chickens happen to be an ideal sample. Chickens gro...

03rd November 2009

The problem with our leaders in Sacramento and Washington DC

The problem with our politicians in Sacramento and Washington DC is that they are still operating with the mentality of a country amass in wealth. They receive generous wages. According to, “Members of the House of Representatives and Se...

05th July 2009

The food pyramid - The loss of fat.

I have just come and say that. I think the food pyramid as we know, is false. I believe that it is not just something wrong, I think it is for what should be a healthy food pyramid diet. Since it is now, you can use different definitions, such a...

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