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21st February 2012

Important Things to Consider Long Healthy Hair

Parlors as well as beauty saloons might be noticed loaded with young women intending desperately to acquire brand-new avatar with cool hairdos. However having lengthy hair is certainly hard. It will require great caution and concentration. Now, in case yo...

19th September 2011

Pre diabetic diet guidelines

Fundamentally, a healthy diet can keep away a lot of diseases that normally affect people daily. Switching from unhealthy diets to healthy ones has always been a sure way to overcome many ailments for decades. However, this diet must be combined with prop...

05th April 2011

Creating Your Own Weight Loss Recipe

No matter how different each weight loss recipe is from each other, common concepts will always be present in each. Eating healthily allows quicker fat burning and healthier cell growth and reproduction. And so, instead of looking up existing diet recipes...

07th July 2010

Handmade Makeup

Purchasing beauty creams of the several labels is surely a pricey situation, but at present you may even produce your personal range of homemade beauty items. The selfmade whipped creams may be even used for a selfmade makeup remover. In the event that th...

22nd February 2010

Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society Book Review

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society is a gem of a novel. From the first paragraph I was drawn in by the charm and wit of the main character, Juliet, and found myself eager to turn the page. Set in the mid forties, the story unfolds to the re...

20th January 2010

Diet to Detoxify the Body - Quick Detoxification Program

It is beauty that captures attention and personality which captures heart. Beauty gets more reaction and more interaction. When you feel you look beautiful you are uplifted from inside, creates confidence in yourself. Having beautiful and healthy skin is ...

26th November 2009

Dandruff Treatment

Dandruff, scientifically termed as pityriasis capitis, is caused by a fungus called Pityrosporum ovale or Malassezia furfur. These fungi make the scalp dry, which causes the formation of scales and flakes. Though scalp's skin normally flakes off due to re...

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