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26th September 2011

Experience Internet On The Move With Broadband Dongles

Currently dongles for laptops are very much in demand not only by the business men but also by the students and older people. Choosing a dongle is not as difficult as choosing a mobile phone as all the dongles do the same job, that is provide mobile broad...

19th April 2010

How to Achieve The Perfect Hair Style for your Prom Night

Traditionally prom night is all about sweeping romantic dresses and hair swept up in a soft but sophisticated manner but this is the modern world and prom has to keep up with today's trends. There are no set rules about a style of dress or hair that is ap...

07th September 2009

Clip Earrings for Fall

We've watched all the runway shows, read all the fashion magazines and combed the red carpet in search of the hottest earring shapes for fall. Best of all, they are all available in clip-on earring styles, so anyone can wear them without worry. Statem...

30th June 2009

Bridesmaid Jewelry that Dazzles

Bridesmaid Jewelry that Dazzles - The bridal party is an important part to any wedding. Whether you just have a maid of honor, or an entire entourage of your closet family and friends, you'll surely want them to look their best. By the time you pick ou...

15th June 2009

Summer Jewelry Trends

Wondering what the hottest summer jewelry trends are for the '09 season? This year, it's all about bold, bright and beautiful pieces that will make a fashionable statement day or night. Check out some of the top finds and what type of outfits will complim...

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