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11th November 2011

The Cookie Diet... Really?

In the last few years, I've noticed that more people are beginning to embrace the idea that weight loss involves making healthy food choices and lifestyle changes. This comes as welcome news to myself and all of the other dietitians out there who have bee...

29th June 2011

6 Unbeatable Lifestyle Strategies to Aid Weight Loss Fast and Easy

Hundreds of weight loss diets, fad diets and outrageous low fat programs - we have seen it and done it all! However, the basis of a successful weight loss plan still remains healthy food choices and proper exercise with some lifestyle modifications to mai...

11th May 2011

Healthy Lunch Suggestions for Weight Loss

Are you on a weight loss diet program? Bored with eating the same diet food day in day out? Does the menu at your office cafeteria tempt you every time you have your diet lunch? Your weight loss diet does not have to be so boring. All you need to do is in...

17th November 2010

Weight loss diets

In nutrition, diet is the amount of food consumed by a person or other organism. It is often implied the use of specific intake of nutrition for health or weight-management reasons. For weight management diet, it is a particular diet may be chosen to s...

27th November 2009

Tips To Achieve V Shaped Figure And Beautiful Body Shape?

Do you want to achieve a v-shaped figure with more muscle mass on the top, and somewhat less at the bottom? Improve your posture with proper training and a well balanced diet. You can plan out something realistic for yourself, by approaching a fitness tra...

24th November 2009

Calorie counter 5 Ways To De-calorize Your Fast Food Meals Posted By: Charles Volcolatte

Believe it or not, you can still eat fast food while trying to lose weight. Because such foods are very much a part of your lifestyle, giving them up would result in a lot of inconvenience especially for dieters with full schedules that do not leave t...

17th September 2009

9 Tips to Stop Food Cravings and Help You With Your Diet

Most of us are "regular" people. We don't eat the perfect diet all the time and have our struggles with food, same as everyone else. But having an awareness of this fact and knowing a little bit about our health and food nutrition can help when it come...

15th September 2009

Stop & Smell The Citrus.

Rejuvenation essential for busy Canadian moms (NC)-Ask a typical Canadian mom if she works full-time and you know what she'll answer. Moms have to be multi-taskers: they hold down demanding jobs, raise children, prepare meals, do the wash, manage the ...

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