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02nd December 2011

Hennessy Youngman ART THOUGHTZ AT THE CHICAGO MCA by Pedro Vélez

Panel discussions in museums can be tedious excursions into failed utopias. The problem is that your typical artist is selfish by nature, only interested in hearing the sound of his or her own voice. Meanwhile, curators believe their true calling is acade...

13th August 2010

Figure Out Some Rare Facts about Ash of Pokemon Episodes

Pokemon episodes are the most popular names in the vast animated world, which need no introduction. And as it comes to its characters, the name of Ash Ketchum comes first among all. Ash is one of the three main protagonists, who are featured in this Japan...

27th July 2010

Take Your Kids To Magic Show For Complete Entertainment

Magic show is a platform where the magician unfolds his illusions and tricks in front of the audience. It is a show where he showcases his talent to the world. Magic show act as a medium to connect the magician with the general public with there distincti...

05th March 2010

Richard Castle’s Heat Wave

Richard Castle, role played by Nathan Fillion, is a television fictional character who's a novelist exploring his following book. He is acquiring his background data by chasing along with an NYPD police detective, Kate Beckett, acted on TV by Stana Katic....

23rd February 2010

Watch Heroes SuperHeroes

A super-hero is really a fictional character - normally an adventurer or vigilante of some sort - with superhuman powers or expertise (physical, mental or spiritual in nature), whose exploits are chronicled nearly totally in comic publications or other me...

22nd February 2010

Download Avatar Airbender | Watch Avatar the Last airbender Episodes

Avatar the Last Airbender can be easily touted as one of the best animations aired ever. The anime series is a chock-full of fun and entertainment. Avatar the Last Airbender episodes are centered on life and events of a fictional character Aang who has se...

23rd December 2009

Insider secrets of the making of The Avatar Last Airbender Movie

Is the "Avatar Last Airbender movie" based on the show Avatar? If you're wondering if the Avatar Last Airbender Movie by M. Night Shymalan is based on the show Avatar the answer is quite frankly "Yes". If you are familiar with the adventures of Aang, ...

21st December 2009

Batman Psychology 101

Psychologically complex and realistic characters are not exactly what one would consider as "old traditions" in the comic book industry. Indeed, during the earliest decades, the concept of a "flawed hero" was discarded in favor of the "Superman" ideal. Ho...

24th November 2009

RPG Games: Friend or Foe

Let's start with the basics, what is an RPG game? -It's a role playing game in which the participants assume the role of a fictional character and base the outcome of the game upon the decisions they make and their actions. The next question on every ...

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