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12th April 2011

Economic Growth and Income Tax Rates

Any single-member LLC can also choose to be taxed like a corporation by filing Form 8832. If you haven't filed Form 8832 and told the IRS you want to be taxed like a corporation, then by default you are considered a sole proprietor for tax purposes and sh...

03rd February 2011

Real Estate Excise Tax or Transfer Tax Considerations

Your business activity must be included on a federal tax return. Which return and when it's due will depend on your choice of entity selection. If you are a sole proprietor or a single member LLC, put it on schedule C of your individual tax return (form 1...

06th January 2011

The best tax filing

For the companies worldwide, tax return season is a hectic one. It is in this hurry that important tax details are overlooked while aiming for the profit curve for their businesses. Often, time is a casualty here, because the timely payment of the taxes...

18th March 2010

Frequently Asked Questions for Taxpayers with Undisclosed Foreign Bank Accounts

Over the last year, the United States government has taken a great interest in undisclosed foreign bank accounts. Individual taxpayers who file U.S tax returns, and who have any offshore or foreign accounts must report income from these offshore accounts...

29th December 2009

Tax Tips That You Should Know

Each one of us may dread what April 15 is all about. After all, nobody really cheerfully files his or her taxes what with all the complicated forms and computations that you have to make. However, there are some ways by which you can ensure that your tax ...

18th June 2009

Alternative Minimum Tax Planning - Importance of Controlling Your Income Small Business Owners & the

By kinal in Taxes
The degree of control that small business owners and the self-employed have over the timing is much greater than that of employees, and also depends on the structure of their businesses. For example, if a person is small business owner, and thus self-empl...

27th March 2009

3 Tips to Reduce Self-Employment Tax

It is easy to see why a self-employed individual would see the self-employment (SE) tax as unfair. While in an organization, that same employee would have to pay taxes amounting to roughly 7.65 percent. However, as a self-employed individual, those same f...

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