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03rd January 2012

hat if your Congolese presidential candidate doesn't win the election?

"It's natural, tonight, to feel some disappointment. But tomorrow, we must move beyond it and work together to get our country moving again." These are words we often hear from losing candidates in the US elections, after the results have been publicized....

10th May 2011

Advanced Hypnotic Writing Review - Legit or Scam?

Product Description Hypnotic Marketing is a book written by Joe Vitale on what he describes as 'secrets' of copywriting to gain control of potential customers. The book has strong claims attached to it on various websites marketing Hy...

08th December 2010

The Best Ways To Improve Your Life With Contemporary Fine Art

Contemporary fine art are pieces of artwork which have the ability to stop you in your tracks and cause you to see the world anew. A lot of artists would share a common opinion that they make art to enrich the everyday life of every individual who comes i...

09th July 2010

Rahul means, R for Responsible, A for Active, H for Honest, U for Up to date and L for libertarian

9 April 2007 A poster at Hapur read like this---Rahul means, R for Responsible, A for Active, H for Honest, U for Up to date and L for libertarian. It spoke more than thousand words. The posters were being flashed by youngsters of the area. "The Gan...

30th April 2010

The Sony Ericsson Vivaz Offers HD Recording

The Sony Ericsson Vivaz has recently been made the subject of a UK TV advertising campaign, suggesting Sony Ericsson has high hopes for this stunning handset. This comes as no surprise when one takes a look at the spec list, which includes an 8.1 mega pix...

23rd November 2009

What If No One Lied?

What a great premise for a movie. The Invention of Lying is a story of a world where everyone tells the truth. Could you go a whole week without lying?Ricky Gervais and Matthew Robinson dreamed up this fantasy world then decided to make a movie about it. ...

05th June 2009

Helping with Your People Search

I just saw a blog entry online, a kind of "missing persons" ad that puzzled me. A family in West Virginia is offering a $5000 reward for help provided in connection with their people search. Apparently, they are looking for a local mother and daughter who...

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