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23rd May 2011

Living Within Your Means

For the past thirty years or so, the image of Americans is one of a hard-working, materialistic people. The marketing industry feeds us a constant stream of new gadgets or the latest technological toy, and we, for some reason, eat it up. Somehow it has be...

18th November 2010

Living With GPS Tracking Devices: The Big 20 list Of Their Uses

We are luckier than our families and friends of 20 years back because we have got the benefit of GPS tracking devices. GPS is a way of finding your location on Earth by using the signals from a web of satellites that were launched towards the end of last ...

13th October 2009

Motorola RAZR V9-Ferrari with Ferrari games

Motorola RAZR V9-Ferrari as the name suggests, is one of the most unique and stylish, flip-open mobile phones. Many users are crazy about this handset, due to its unique styling and qualities. Motorola has special ability to equip its handsets with some u...

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