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14th April 2011

Facial Hair Growth Formula

If you are a lady suffering from unwanted facial hair growth, you have probably looking around online for a good facial hair growth formula to remove facial hair and prevent facial hair regrowth. If you are a gentleman that knows for a fact that you don't...

25th February 2011

Considering laser hair removal for the upper lip and chin 10 things you must know

No doubt, every women loves to look beautiful, but often they get embarrassed due to their unwanted facial hairs. We all know that our face is the most noticeable part of the body and often your first impression is formed based on the appearance of your f...

23rd February 2011

Easy Methods to Get Rid of Facial Hair

Here are a few of the best ways on find out how to get rid of facial hair so you possibly can have a easy and hair-free face that may last for a number of days at the minimum. Though there are more men who grow their facial hair (because doing so is an...

27th October 2010

Removing Unwanted Hair: Painlessly and Permanently

Unwanted facial hair on women is nothing new. It's also not very appealing or attractive to have hair growing conspicuously on facial areas, such as the upper lip or chin, the brow, or from the sideburn area down the jaw and even onto the neck. A...

09th August 2010

New medical lasers remove unwanted facial hair permanently

Copyright (c) 2010 Janet Webb For men, not only is a 5-o'clock shadow or groomed facial stubble common place, but it has recently become a fashion statement. But of course, facial hair growth for women is anathema, and an estimated 41 million adult Ame...

25th January 2010

The Best Acne Treatments For Girls

Girls go through many physical and psychological changes during puberty. These changes include body composition, fat distribution, menstruation, growth spurts, body and facial hair growth, body odor and skin changes. The body physically changes as the fat...

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