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25th May 2011

It is Time to Use Green Vitality

and for how prolonged, and if probable the wattage of just about every equipment. If they can't get the wattage, you can glimpse up the normal wattage for just about every device for demonstration functions. Do a tough calculation to exhibit them how a lo...

08th April 2011

Impact of Japanís earthquake on World and Indian economy

Japan was hit by an earthquake of magnitude 8.9 on March 11. This massive earthquake led to major human tragedy in Japan killing more than 30000 people, leaving many injured, and many other still missing. The earthquake and the tsunami also struck nuclear...

12th January 2011

Biomass Electricity Myths Dispelled

There are plenty of myths associated with biomass power but donít let these fallacies keep you from capitalizing on one of the most reliable green energy sources around. Myth: Alternative energy sources are unreliable. Truth: Some alternative energ...

05th January 2011

Residential Solar and Wind Systems: What Are the Costs?

Most Texas homeowners considering a solar energy system or residential wind turbine system will quickly face sticker shock. Wind turbine systems can run as high as $65,000 installed. The average cost nationally for a professionally installed solar panel s...

02nd June 2010

Sun Beginning to Shine on Australia and Solar Energy

In a land as sun-drenched as Australia, solar energy utilization naturally springs to mind. The amount of renewable energy generated by the numerous sunny days found in the nation is considerable, right? Sort of. The potential is certainly there, but...

10th December 2009

Federal Stimulus Funds Beautifying and Improving Tennessee

Federal government stimulus funds are helping many Tennesseans cope with the recession; the estimated numbers of jobs created by stimulus funds are over 7700 and may continue to rise, particularly in light of the contracts awarded in for building and ...

20th October 2009

Create homemade energy, for free!

These days the biggest threat to our planet is the increasing level of pollution. The contamination of air, water and the atmosphere has resulted in global warming which has created an immense impact on amny animal and plant species that are getting extin...

25th September 2009

The PB 460LN Echo Backpack Blower Does Good

Echo has put a lot of hard work into designing and producing a series of less noisier gas blowers. I was impressed with the noise levels made by the 260 models using a 25.4 cc power plant. However, I am stunned that they have been able to do it also with ...

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