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05th April 2011

Creative Ways To Recycle Grocery Bags

Each time you go shopping, unless you bring your own, you return home with several paper bags used to carry your products home from the store. Though a few here and there is not a big problem, the sacks are going to pile up and before you know it, you wil...

18th March 2011

Five Easy Ways to Be Green

You hear terms like renew, recycle and sustainability all the time. From the media to coffee shops and carpool lanes, everyone talks about going green. However, what does it mean to "go green" and do your part to reduce your carbon footprint? Believe it o...

09th February 2011

Childrens Activities For Rainy Days

Holidays can be extremely long and this is especially true if you have kids who are constantly complaining of boredom. Here are some fun ways to keep children busy using scrapbooking, and you can all do it together. My four year old daughter was lucky...

11th May 2010


By now most of us have heard the axiom: "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle." We are living in a world of finite resources with a growing population. There are many ways to be making the best use of what we've got. Reduce. This first word is often skipped in the ...

06th April 2010

How to Recycle

It may seem simple enough, but there are certain specifics to recycling that can help the environment and your sanitation service. Recycling reduces waste that builds in landfills in order to make new products from the old. This is rewarding for us and th...

23rd February 2010

5 Explanations Why Designing Your Specific Chicken Hutch Is Better!

Reason 1, Enjoyment: Building chicken coops can be very pleasing for yourself and your loved ones. Besides the plain luxury of garden-fresh daily eggs, building chicken coops will be a pleasant task. Everyone in the family can help out in both the bui...

06th January 2010

A Review of Dahle Professional Large-Format Rolling Trimmers

Rotary trimmers are great tools that can produce precise clean cuts on all of your documents, no matter what their size. You can even cut really large items with these tools. One product that does just that is the Dahle Professional Large-Format Rolling T...

06th January 2010

The Five Great Features of Dahle Professional Large-Format Rolling Trimmers

A large-format rotary trimmer is a great item to have around when your job demands that you work with large documents. Some of the best trimmers you can buy come from European office machine giant Dahle. Their professional-grade large-format rolling trimm...

17th December 2009

Reviewing the Akiles Roll-a-Blade 64-Inch Rotary Trimmer

Large-format rotary trimmers are great for the preparation of such large documents as blueprints, banners, posters, and the like. One of the stand-out products currently available is the Akiles Roll-A-Blade 64. This is a device that can cut through just a...

07th December 2009

The Five Things That Make the Akiles Roll-A-Blade 64 Stand Out

There are many large-format rotary trimmers on the market today, so sometimes it can be a bit of a task to choose the right one. If you need such a tool to help you with your work, one trimmer you need to consider if the Akiles Roll-A-Blade 64. This is a ...

09th April 2009

Toddler Lunch Ideas

By mark in Family
There seem to be two kinds of kids in this world: the picky eaters and the eat-anythings. This page has a lot of ideas for you, though you will want to adapt them to meet your child's needs. Other parents are going through the same dilemma with the...

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