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12th May 2011

Natural beauty care for your skin

Are you tired of your weary skin? Do you remember the days when your skin glowed and the people around were astonished and jealous of you? Who doesn’t like to have a great skin but lucky are those who actually have it naturally. Others have to genuinely f...

20th April 2011

How To Get The Best Results From Spray Tan

If you're wondering how you can get an effective suntan without lying under the sun, spray tan is the answer. It allows you to achieve a spotless tan all over the body right from the comfort of your home. The main benefit of this particular product is tha...

07th April 2011

Home Remedies for Glowing Skin And Even Complexion

It is both painful and embracing to have acne-prone skin. The best remedies for that are often not in the products found in the market that treat blemishes and acne; but in homemade products that not only clean but add a glow to your complexion. These hom...

25th November 2010

How to Accomplish Safe and Effective Skin Rejuvenation

A good skin cleansing routine that uses the best facial cleanser for your skin type can be a simple way to accomplish skin rejuvenation. But what should you look for in the products you want to use? You want a product which cleans deeply and adds moisture...

17th November 2010

Erasing Your Wrinkles

While it is impossible to turn back the hands of time, today's beauty market has advanced the technology of anti-aging products to at least slow the clock down. You may only be as young as you feel, and sometimes, it's the lines on your face that make ...

17th November 2010

A Great Manicure At Home

If you want to get the most from your manicure, start with clean, healthy nails. Your hands are often dry and chapped from frequent washing and exposure to wind, sun, heat and cold. Your nails can suffer the same dried out damage that the rest of yo...

02nd July 2010

Fast Approaches For Healing Pimples

By Lori in Beauty
Acne could be an incredibly uncomfortable predicament. On occasion, you simply will by no means possess the patience for them to be able to disappear by themselves. For instance, you might have a major occasion for example a wedding or prom to attend. Reg...

30th June 2010

Simple System In Regards To Curing Acne

By Lori in Beauty
Blackheads on your nose tend to be no different from other blackheads. Really, this section is one of the preferred areas for outbreaks to take place. These dilemmas can be truly relatively painful as they have an effect on your total appearance plus some...

21st October 2009

Get Rid of the Wrinkles That Make You Look Old - How to Get Rid of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

So you want to get rid of the wrinkles that have been slowly starting to become more prominent on your face?It's probably not your imagination...those fine lines and wrinkles may not have been there a few weeks or months ago. Fine lines and wrinkles start...

21st October 2009

How to Get Rid of Wrinkles Under the Eyes - Use Products That Stimulate Collagen

A common question asked by women is how to get rid of wrinkles under the eyes. These wrinkles are caused when collagen under your skin starts to deteriorate. Collagen is what gives your skin a smooth and young look.To help prevent and get rid of wrinkles ...

12th June 2009

Glycolic Acid – How Does It Benefit Your Skin?

Glycolic acid is the most active and beneficial form of alpha hydroxy acid. A natural derivative of sugar cane, glycolic acid has amazing exfoliating properties and is used extensively in skin care products. Popular sources of glycolic acid include the ci...

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