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01st March 2011

Recycling: How do you encourage your colleagues?

In essence, many factory staff have the identical mentality when it comes to issues that do not seem to be their job, or require too a lot of time. If you’re attempting to get your organization to recycle a lot more, here are some ideas you might desire...

12th January 2011

The Hangar Door That Stood Still

When Hurricane Charley crossed paths with Florida's Punta Gorda Airport in 2004, the results were devastating. Hangars were demolished by the category 4 storm, which recorded 130-mph-plus winds. But Hydroswing wasn't surprised to find that hangars using t...

12th August 2010

Non Ferrous and Heavy Metal Scrap Recycling

A heavy metal is a member of an ill-defined subset of elements that exhibit metallic properties, which would mainly include the transition metals, some metalloids, lanthanides, and actinides. Many different definitions have been proposed—some based on d...

21st September 2009

Why You Should Recycle

By now most all us of know that recycling is an environmentally beneficial thing to do. At J and S Recycling we encourage you to recycle metal and also offer glass recycling, plastic recycling, aluminum recycling and much more. As always education is th...

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