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27th January 2012

Facials for Replenish Your Skin

Almost all of us know the exciting results that facials can have upon the epidermis. A properly done cosmetic can be one of the most wonderful attractiveness involving treatment options which can give your epidermis and experience a clean oxygen of life. ...

16th August 2011

Timberlake had his hands full at MTV Movie Awards

Apparently Justin Timberlake didnít learn the first time he played around with a womanís chest on live TV for all the world to watch (see Nipplegate: 2004 Superbowl). This time around JT found it fit to grab Mila Kunis at this yearís MTV Movie Awards. C...

26th November 2010

Storage In Texas: The Best Of The Best!

Downsizing here in Dallas from a family house to an apartment is usually as much a logistic transition as it is related to conserving money. The difficulty results as you are needing to combine a larger dwelling into a smaller condominium. Large items mos...

29th September 2010

Don't Be Ashamed To Have An "Exit" Plan Long Before You Say "I Do"

Don't Be Ashamed To Have An "Exit" Plan Long Before You Say "I Do" Cathi Adams ©All Rights Reserved Many nasty things have frequently been said about pre-nuptial settlement contracts. These pre-marital agreements usually cover couples in the event o...

15th September 2009

Does Divorce Have To Have A Negative Impact On Our Kids?

Going through a divorce where there are children involved is an anxiety-provoking scenario with much worry on the past of the parents as to what negative effects the divorce will have on their kids. I firmly believe that it isn’t so much the divorce...

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