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06th May 2011

Divorce – How To Win Child Custody By Setting A Precedent

In regards to professionals, the divorce process has three major players - your attorney, your spouse’s attorney, and the judge. Your attorney will advocate your interests. Your spouse’s attorney will advocate your spouse’s interest. While the judge wi...

19th July 2010

Use Eco-Friendly Products and Go Green

If you want to live a happy, comfortable and healthy life, then you should understand the term of going green in your daily routine life. This term actually means that you have started to use Eco-friendly products, which are manufactured with bamboo fabri...

24th May 2010

Awards for Bioplastic

As the tons of plastics the world has produced over the years continue to congest the veins of our dear Mother Nature, bioplastic serves as a glimmer of hope that one day, our landfills would be lessened, our oceans crystal clear once again and our atmosp...

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