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20th September 2011

Jokes- the precursor for laughter

Jokes are the best things for the people who want to make people laugh and want people to laugh at them. Given that so many people have been joining joke clubs and laughing clubs all over the world to combat stress, one feels the compulsion to learn that ...

04th March 2011

Meet The HTC Incredible S For The First Time

Sometimes we really need to hand it on the bods around at HTC with regards to naming phones - they must just bounce all-around on space hoppers, high-fiving just about every other and shouting encouraging words at random. The Awesome S, nonetheless, ma...

23rd June 2010

Rahul Gandhi: a walk of 40 miles(Birthday special)

It was year 2004, India was about to go into the polls. The ruling NDA government had told ‘Bharat' that ‘India is Shining' .But when Hindustan voted, the ruling government lost its shine and on the throne of India, UPA government was in. In a lot of ...

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