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19th September 2011

The Protidiet Solution: Safe, Healthy Weight Loss

If youíre a typical American, then you probably have some experience with trying quick weight loss diets. Whether itís a New Yearís resolution to get in shape, or slimming down for an important event, the weight loss question on most Americansí minds is: ...

12th January 2011

DrinkACT Assessments Demonstrate How DrinkACT Stood Up To Tests

So let's find out how A.C.T. energy drink stood up. A.C.T. or Advanced Cell Therapy the Healthy Energy Drink is produced with 100 % natural ingredients and it's also loaded with potassium. Potassium is very important for cellular metabolic processes and ...

15th April 2010

Skincare and Some Beauty Tips

Skincare and Some Beauty TipsSkincare is necessary for normally glowing and lovely epidermis. Work demands being set and some fundamental guidelines have to be adopted regularly. A dry brush exfoliation may be undertaken every single morning ahead of a s...

26th January 2010

What Are the Best Ways to Increase Fertility?

Often when people set about to have a baby, particularly later in life, they discover that it is much more difficult than they anticipated. This is often because they have a reduced fertility, for any number of reasons. This does not necessarily mean they...

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