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26th September 2011

When Chicago Cubs Rumors Go Overboard

We all know the Chicago Cubs. They are the team that plays for Chicago, Illinois and is less successful than the other team in their city, the White Sox. Even though the Cubs are known to be the 'Lovable Losers', they are still one of the oldest teams in ...

10th February 2011

Top Actor John Marshall Jones - The Guest At Central Park West

Skillfully acted by a group headed by way of John Marshall Jones, The Guest at Central Park West delivers and its definitely not to be ignored. Nearly every once in a long time, something occurs which changes your own consciousness, something such as Levy...

15th July 2010

Racism and discrimination against immigrants and minorities in the United States . Paul Chehade:.

(1888PressRelease) It is difficult to describe the sensation I felt when Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed SB1070. I felt an emotional maelstrom of disgust, despair and utter cynicism over Gov. Brewer's decision to implement the most draconian and most s...

16th October 2009

Going for Change

When Barrack Obama was elected president things the way we see it has changed for good. What people are trying to grasp as statements without proof regarding the clear obstruction on racism has become tangible by giving the presidential seat to an African...

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