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06th April 2011

Trying to learn From the top Features of XO Communications

1 of the attributes of XO Communications which are very easy to market for organizations presently is Managed Security. True enough, fifty percent of our customers here at XO Colo are Fortune 500 companies which deal intensely on third parties or outsourc...

16th February 2011

2011 Tax: What Small Businesses And The Self-Employed Should Do

Small businesses and self-employed individuals may encounter some difficulty when figuring out their 2011 tax return. Fortunately, the IRS has created an extensive guide for these groups on their website. It can be found at, their homepage. On ...

17th December 2010

Ricky Kalmon - TV Hypnotist

Even with all the options of cable, channel flipping always occurs. The new reality TV show seems to be another repeat of “Real Housewives” or “Jersey Shore.” The news is demoralizing. You've seen all the sitcom episodes before. And there are a lot of com...

12th November 2010

Bitstop Joins Baguio ICT Conference

Philippines, Baguio City (October 05, 2010)- The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), in partnership with the Commission on Information and Communications Technology (CICT) and in line with government's role to develop and promote the Next Wave Cities ...

11th October 2010

Nanny Personality and Risk Assessments - Benefits and Challenges

Nanny personality and risk assessments are psychological tests that help parents assess potential Nannies, Au Pairs or Babysitters. The tests provide a better insight into the caregiver’s personality and traits, as well as an assessment of possible risk f...

10th February 2010

Review of Stephen Pierce, Internet Marketing GURU

From The Desk Of Jenard L. Stokes, Master Marketing Mentor***Attention All Stephen Pierce Fans - Learn How You Can INSTANTLY Generate More Traffic Than 95.4% of all Online Websites, and get THOUSANDS of leads, for FREE.Stephen Pierce is the "God Fath...

05th May 2009

VoIP PBX Enabled Phone Systems

By using VoIP PBX enabled phone systems, businesses can maintain an excellent telecommunication system without making heavy investments. With the help of this advanced phone system you can offer your customers all the functionalities of a standard telepho...

31st March 2009

Auto Attendant Phone System

By implementing an auto attendant phone system in your business organization you can provide superior customer support, and project your business as a big conglomerate among your clients. Provides Your Callers with the Right Interface With the suppo...

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