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14th September 2010

2011 Bank Holidays - Get List of 2011 Bank Holidays in USA, Canada, India and UK

2011 bank holidays are all public holidays and are observed across the various countries. The 2011 bank holidays are expected to be great occasions for merriment and planning for lovely vacations to ones dream destinations. 123newyears gives complete lis...

19th April 2010

Christmas Traditions

It's almost a custom nowadays to wish 'Merry Christmas' with Christmas gifts. The current tradition of giving gifts on Yuletide came into well-known practice following the Three Wise Men's gifts to little one Christ. Gift-giving throughout Xmas is primal ...

13th April 2010

New Year Calendar with List of Bank Holidays and Horoscopes

Bank Holidays are the public holidays when all the banks are remained closed and not a single transaction is held within bank. Different countries have different list of bank holidays. Like in USA, UK, India, Australia, Canada all have different list of b...

09th March 2010

Check Out Your Bank Holidays List in UK, USA, India, Canada

Bank Holidays are known by public holidays and its list if is differ from one country to another. Different countries have different list of bank holidays. On this day banks are remained closed and not a single transaction is held by bank on bank holiday ...

08th December 2009

Christmas Present Idea for the Kids

Are the kids driving you crazy with their idea of music pumping out from your CD player? This Christmas treat them (and you) to a Radio CD Player of their own, that they will hopefully take to their room and save you from having to listen to their ‘mu...

07th December 2009

How To Pick The Perfect Gift

Picking the perfect gift for your friends and loved ones is hard at the best of times but at Christmas choosing a great gift can really show the receiver how much you care and how well you know them. It's no good spending your hard earned money on somethi...

26th November 2009

Best Tips about Christmas shopping

What is the most important thing that always pesters your mind when the Christmas comes around? Yes my friends, Christmas shopping is on the cards very soon. Majority of the people do not like to go for shopping during Christmas, thanks to the longer queu...

24th November 2009

Christmas Gifts 2009 for mom, dad, kids, girls, boyfriends, girlfriends

Christmas is one of the most Christian period of the year. However, in the western world, has turned into a commercial transaction in which the importance of the receipt of donations from the birth of Jesus Christ. It is now, had very little idea of a ...

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