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20th January 2011

Is WikiLeak Ligitamate History or News Reporting?

The timeline of history is a record of historical events over successive years. From this record we, as a world, are to look at these events and learn how they evolve and lessons we can learn from them. Through the lessons, citizens of the world should cr...

06th January 2011

Cross Fire - No Photon Lasers, No Energy Fields, Just Blood and Guts

Having played third person shooter game Mange Fighter and FPS games like K.O.S. Secret Operation and Combat Arms, I thought CrossFire was another similar First Person Shooter game. I soon realized it wasnt - it has more substance to it than meets the eye...

15th April 2010

How to Find the Best Acne Cream

Finding the best acne cream is a little like solving world peace. Everybody claims to be in support of it, but very rarely do the parts live up to the agreement. The same is true with acne creams, they promise the world to people who are desperate to fi...

07th December 2009

Human life and amazing facts

The human mind is always in search for novelty. As said variety is spice of life, people by nature keep looking for new things and amazing facts. Most of people in the world lead a pretty bring and normal life. They do not have many things to enjoy in ...

20th August 2009

The Most Destructive Period of Global War and Crisis Ever – or A New Politics Based on Prior Unity

Humankind is in the position, right now, to make some very important judgments about life, and about the relationships between people--and about the nature of Reality Itself. The results of that judgment, will lead to catastrophic war and environmental di...

18th August 2009

World Peace – A Global Necessity For The Present World Crisis, Not a Question

It's not unusual to hear people talk about world peace as impossibility, or at least, if you dig down a bit, you will find that's what they think. Perhaps the search for peace will always end in failure. But the active statement of one's commitment to pea...

01st April 2009

World Federation of Trade Unions Calls for April 1st Labor Action

Unions affiliated to the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) met in Lisbon in December to discuss the world financial crisis and advance a set of demands. The assembled WFTU affiliates set Wednesday, April 1, 2009 as an international date for wor...

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