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04th August 2010

Tanning tax worries tanning salon owners

Getting fully illuminated sun skin became a bit expensive since July 1, as the new tanning tax came into effect nationwide. A recently enacted federal tax on tanning services has angered salon owners and frustrated customers who are shelling out more gre...

06th May 2010

Is Gordon Brown Finished?

It has been reported that Brown is planning a last ditch revamp of his campaign but it all sounds like Custer's last stand as it is beginning to look like the labour party will suffer a massive defeat. He needs to face up to the reality that the Labou...

04th November 2009

A scary story - the public option?

Why is Congress so afraid of the public option as part of health reform? Why are politicians getting so worked up about a system that every other Western country already has, and which works so well in all of them? Why do they not want to extend Medicare,...

29th August 2009

Well Balanced Diet In Weight Loss

Well balanced diet keeps you fit and healthy all the time with great power and efficiency. Identify the benefits of maintaining a well balanced diet, and role of nutrition. This article will give information on how to take well balance diet and their bene...

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