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06th October 2009

What's so Great about this Age of Communication

It's kind of strange to me that we've labeled this modern era as the age of communication. It's ironic because so many examples show us to be very poor communicators in our modern age. One quick example. According to marriage counselors, a breakdown in co...

14th May 2009

An Octet to the Nourishing Mother !

It is Cosmic Creative Intelligence, which is relatively Absolute and absolutely relative, which sustains the universe. The entire Cosmos is Her play and display ( Chit Vilasa Prapanchoyam ). Annapoorna Ishwari is the Nourishing aspect of the Mother Di...

13th May 2009

Benefits of Online Family Tree

Family tree sites are the next happening thing which can help you to relate yourself to your kith and kin quite easily. The availability of the system online has helped link individuals to their relatives, blood relations and near and dear ones. In thi...

01st May 2009

The Eightfold Prosperity ( contd )

We have said that Prosperity does not mean mere wealth, but is wealth accompanied by Bliss and happiness. The Mother Divine can give eighteen types of wealth like Wisdom Health Happiness Longevity Fame Knowledge Courage VIctory Famous childr...

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