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07th January 2011

Weight Loss Demystified

Shedding 5 pounds of weight is hard. Losing ten pounds is even harder. If you are not careful, the lost weight will come back and the frustration will begin. Remember that gaining weight is a lot easier than losing weight for almost everybody. Except ...

14th October 2010

Cosmetic Surgery- how to mentally prepare for liposuction

Having Cosmetic Surgery is a serious decision. Regardless of the complexity of your procedure, emotional preparation is essential. Read on for advice on how to mentally prepare for liposuction. The liposuction doctor will conduct a medical examination, ev...

11th August 2010

Theta Meditation with Brainwave Entrainment

If you are new to meditation, you might be having trouble shutting out your thoughts in order to meditate. You need to tap into your brainwaves. Find out what brainwaves are and how training them can help with Meditation. Meditation has become a recent...

02nd November 2009

Lose Waist Fat - How To Shed Pounds In Stomach Area And Exercises To Lose Stomach Fat

These days people are doing more white-collar roles and the belly unearths its way out of the restricted corners of the body. The more stressed folks get the bigger is the fat deposition. The rationale is that buckle fat functions differently than fat a...

14th October 2009

Important Information about Several Symptoms of Stress

When work is getting challenging, or money is getting tight, or a houseguest has overstayed his or her welcome, or you just can't take your husband's socks on the floor anymore, you might begin to feel a headache forming behind your eyes. Your heart may b...

12th October 2009

Identifying Various Symptoms of Depression

If you have been feeling out of sorts or otherwise down or blue, you may be suffering from depression. Depression is a mental condition that can make it difficult to experience joy in life, and can rob you of your sense of well being. When left untreated,...

17th April 2009

Stress Relief

When not at peace, the mind triggers biochemical reactions that cause disaster in the body. Stress is the starting point of disease. Stress can disturb the body's inner stability or equilibrium and leads to physical signs such as headaches, an upset stoma...

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