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30th March 2011

T Gamez: Good Entertainment

There might not be even a single person who is actually not interested in playing games in the world. There are people who are playing games regularly after allotting certain time interval without facing any issues with time. You might be actually getting...

17th January 2011

3D animation software guide - which one should I use?

3D animation software guide - which one should I use? No matter how talented you are, you will need a good 3D Animation Software to create 3D animation (duh). Just like a top notch chef won't be able to cook out of the thin-air, he/she will need some p...

23rd March 2010

3D Rendering has a revolutionary role In Creating Buildings 3d Images, 3d Models

It is not only facilitates in developing stunning building houses, but also allows you to save your precious time and money. Before proceeding further, first of all it is essential to know what exactly 3D rendering means. 3D rendering is the expertise ...

12th November 2009

Making the Simple Animation Models

Make your models uncomplicated, simple and bold. Use primary colours. You don't need a lot of details and so forth. You only need two or three facial features to animate. Any more than that it becomes complex and expressions will be hard to emote to th...

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