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15th April 2011

VOIP Dominates the Market

Communication has various forms but there is always the best one. People have different perceptions and reasons to choose one over the other. Everybody has their own requirements and there is no universal good. If one is good for another, it does not mean...

05th April 2011

The Growth of the Answering Machine - Let No Phone Go Unanswered

Humans are fascinating people. While we are extremely robust and adapt well to almost any situation and environment, we're also easily trained into developing habits that are impossible to break. This is especially apparent with the need and desire to a...

21st March 2011

Do you make a VoIP call?

Put Voice over internet protocol isolated for now and lets mark acquirement rough estimator networking, you may bear heard up computers, networks, switches and tuner networks. Computers send with each old via a set of fuzzy wires, fibre eye cables and tun...

05th January 2011

How to spy on cell phones?

Cell phones have penetrated the world, its usefulness is undeniable. In fact, almost everyone has a cell phone. Anyone who is curious enough to observe the people around can really see the impact cell phones have in various transactions and relationship...

09th December 2010

Essential Communication Skills for Businesses

Despite the differences in corporate culture, good communication and presentation skills are generally important attributes of a successful business person. Whether you are an accountant from Singapore or a CEO from the United Kingdom or a teacher from th...

09th June 2010

The Event Planning Nightmare - How To Avoid

If you are planning a party or function you will need to hire a DJ to entertain your guests. There are so many options in the field of DJ hire that it is sometimes difficult to assess what to look for. I want to start this article by relating a story that...

20th May 2010

Accomplishing Right Vocalization Tone During Telephone Call

Vocalization tone is a nonverbal factor that is involved during phone conversations or communication that can alter or slightly alter the meaning of your verbal messages. So, you need to pay more attention to it along with what you are verbally saying to ...

09th December 2009

Video Conferencing Basics

Today's technology empowers ordinary people with the ability to engage in video conferencing. Users can utilize the two most popular email and live chat providers Yahoo and MSN to set up simple video conferencing their softwares. People can call, talk and...

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