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16th February 2012

Tips on Buying Cheap Makeup

Buying cheap makeup online does not mean a sacrifice of quality. In fact, there is high demand yet relatively low cost quality make up suppliers on the net. Many offer a comprehensive selection of products, ranging from perfumes and lotions and chrome nai...

06th December 2011

Avoid Scams When Buying Discount Cosmetics

Discount cosmetics are easily available online, but the important thing to know is how to distinguish between a scam and the real product. If a designer product is available at half-off, you should look closely. Not all discounts are scams, but it’s impor...

17th May 2011

Celebrities endorse the weirdest things

Celebrities are weird creatures. They claim they never want to be in the spotlight, but then they try their best to attract the attention of paparazzi and gossip columnists. Whether they’re out on a night on the tiles or simply popping down to their local...

07th March 2011

Perletones for Nails

It is important to take good care of your nails and hands, as clean nails that have been shaped, carefully filed and polished can enhance the hands’ look. Indeed your hands can say much about your lifestyle and personal hygiene, so it is essential to t...

05th February 2011

Benefit from Innovative With each of your Nail Artwork Styles

Exactly who does not adore adequately manicured and additionally amazingly well-groomed nails. Making certain you receive as resourceful along with your nail as you will be along with your apparel is a sector of Nail varnish or nail artwork styles. Curren...

17th November 2010

Give Your Nails Some Wow Factor

Have you ever admired another woman's fingernails? The kind that are funky and colourful and you find yourself wanting to copy the look. Well, why not be your own trendsetter? Fabulous fingernails are part of the overall image you present to the worl...

02nd September 2010

Why Using Nail Varnish Will Make the Nail Turn Yellow

If you often apply nail polish to your nails, you may find that after you removing the nail polish the fingernails turn yellow. No matter how expensive the nail polish is, no matter how good the cleaner is, the situation seems inevitable. Then what makes ...

05th August 2010

Beauty Tips- Make-Up And Cosmetics

By rock in Beauty
Function these 12 complimentary beauty tips to ensure you cause the top figure benefit from your first-rate of make-up and cosmetics: Free Beauty Tip #1: Whilst shopping on behalf of lip color and eye shadow, position a clean sheet of ashen paper in...

24th February 2010

Patchwork Techniques

By l3y in Family
When many people hear the word quilt they think of many colorful blocks or patches created from old clothes sewn together to form a large rectangular blanket. Pieced patchwork is actual much, much more complicated. Pieced patchwork is made from fabric sc...

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