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14th October 2011

The Best Colored Contacts for Dark Eyes

It is every girls dream to experience or wear different eye colour. Development of Science has come a long way in finding solutions to answer for this dream. Tinted contacts now come with more affordable prices and a variety of colors to choose from. It i...

21st September 2011

Simple Costumes to Make Yourself

Halloween or a costume party ask for the creation of costumes. You can purchase those from so many party stores that finding the costume of your dreams is no longer a difficult task. Still, store-bought costumes often look the same or feature some imperfe...

08th April 2011

Guidelines For Selecting Coloured Lenses

Coloured contacts can be matched with your outfits on an everyday basis now, if you want. Contacts are not worn to see better alone today, they are also a fashion statement. Although coloured lenses are similar to regular ones, people with normal eyesight...

14th March 2011

Common Tips About Make Up Before A Wedding Portrait

The best wedding pictures are the ones where the bride and the groom seem to be carefree and indifferent to the fact that they are posing n front of the camera. The day the picture is to be clicked, the bridegroom should have a fresh haircut and completel...

22nd August 2010

The Best Organic Cosmetics for Dark Brown Eyes

Browned eyed women often have trouble finding the right shade of makeup to make their overall look appear to be pulled together and well-coordinated. There are some tricks to working with brown eyes that many women donít yet know about. Very dark eyed w...

25th May 2010

Makeup Tips

By john in Beauty
Copyright (c) 2010 John Howell This is a continuation of the article "Makeup Tips According To The Seasons". Although this can be read separately, it is best to read the previous article first before reading this one. Here are some tips on how to p...

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