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11th January 2011

Storage Units in Killeen

Searching for the perfect storage solution can be such a pain, but Lockaway Storage Fortress makes it simple. When you’re looking for a Storage Unit in Killeen, you’ll want to look for a place that has an assortment of Storage Space options. Lockaway St...

08th January 2011

Proper Security and Serves the Minorities Right in Pakistan

Pakistanis are not spoken of as a minority in other lands – a US citizen of Pakistani origin is a US citizen, not a member of any minority – but in Pakistan it is different. A Christian here, or a Sikh or Hindu, is a minority citizen as per the constituti...

24th December 2010

Zelda Wind Waker Scenes - Aryll Kidnapped

The tenth installment of The Legend of Zelda continues 100 years after the Ganon forces were defeated in the Ocarina of Time. The setting of this sequel is out of the ordinary plot of other Legend of Zelda games. Group of islands scattered all over the oc...

27th August 2010

Tower defense games - Master of Fortresses game review and hints

Master of Fortresses is the latest tower defense game that appeared on my website (to see which website it is about, as well as for a direct link to the game, take a look at the resource box bellow). I started playing it simply because I like tower defens...

01st February 2010

New Highway to Boost Fujian Tulou Tour

Local official of Fujian Province announced a 5.6 billion RMB (800 million USD) investment on 30th of August, 2009, that a 70 kilometer new highway will be built this year to boost the Tulou tour in Fujian Province, adjoining to Taiwan Strait. The new hig...

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