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22nd November 2011

You Can Download a Free Fiction Book Now

Why "sell" books for free? Ok then why are authors giving their books away? That is a very good question but a question with a very logical answer. Lets start at the beginning. Authors have been giving their books away as ebooks for many years maki...

30th June 2011

A Reader Reviews The Kindle 3

Everyone thought that adding color would be the only feature that would make the Kindle 3 stand above the Kindle 2. But here we find that Amazon's thoughts were different: 'Color does not improve the readability of the screen'. 'Books are also written in ...

12th April 2011

A Basic Beginner's Guide to eBooks

eBooks are books in digital format that can be read on your computer, eReader device, mobile phone, or tablet. eBooks have been around for over ten years but have recently become more popular with the introduction of new devices like the Amazon Kindle. Th...

16th March 2011

A Barnes & Noble Nook Review

The Barnes & Noble Nook was introduced in late 2009 and back then, it didn't get a lot of positive feedback, with most Nook reviews citing issues with the device's overall performance. Heeding these calls, B & N then hastened to make upgrades to its hardw...

21st January 2011

Ipod apps in every day life

Nowadays, the life has become swift, instant, and active from every aspect and this is acknowledged by every school of thought. The daily chores are converging to the handheld electronic devices connected over the Internet. You may carry your business, e...

31st December 2010

The Ebook Reader Review (Electronic Ebook Readers)

By now you have probably heard a little about eBook readers and for some of you these may be an elusive technical product that makes you shiver with sadness. I say that because with the advent of eBook readers you will see the slow demise of the book as w...

11th June 2010

Apple iPad Deals : Benefiting You All The Way

The latest Apple iPad Contract is hot favourite of many now. Way back in January when it was launched it was much hyped about its features and look. It is actually not only a phone. It is a phone and a mini computer. The accessible mobile internet in ...

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