T3 hair dryer for damage-free blow dried hair

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Hair dryers are the important part of our hair care requirements. Although we all get hair dryers but we hardly pay any consideration towards their suitability. It might sound like a simple task to blow dry your attractive tresses but you might actually be astonished. Blow drying like a professional need a little knowledge on how to use the blow drier, what accessories should be used and when to use them.

T3 Tourmaline hair dryers are the most familiar types existing in the modern market. Such dryers are recognized by their tourmaline coating and drying components. Being a mineral, tourmaline has the potential to generate negative ions in large quantity and as such, offer a complete coverage. These dryers are destined for you if you are looking for something that can give you a blown out, straight style.

Drying with the T3 leaves behind a shinier and smoother hair. Actually this is due to the negative ions and infrared heat that "close the cuticle and eliminate frizz". T3 Ionic hair dryers provide a better, faster method and an enhanced end result.

T3 Tourmaline Hair Dryer is one of the most apt dryer presenting you with shiny, soft, frizz free hair in half the time. This multi function dryer is made from the T3's original tourmaline technology. Tourmaline is an expensive gem which produces the ionic energy when it is heated. T3 professional ionic hair dryer is the one and only revolutionary brand which has this wonderful material of Tourmaline in its products. This compacted dryer is lightweight, trouble-free to carry anywhere as it weighs nearly less than one pound.

T3 Tourmaline Hair Dryer uses the tourmaline simply as a spray. It has the tourmaline infused within the dryer with which you can be guaranteed of the long lasting benefits of the inconceivable tourmaline technology. The precious tourmaline crystals are compressed inside the dryer, emitting negative ions which go through the hair; thus making the process of drying, leaving your hair dry, frizz free and strong.

There are currently 3 types of T3 hair dryer:

- T3 Featherweight hair dryer
- T3 Evolution hair dryer
- T3 Overnight hair dryer

They are different in some ways, but they are all created from the finest quality parts and components.

All three T3 hair dryers have tourmaline infused into them. Negative ions from tourmaline break down water droplets so they are easily captivated by the hair shaft, and seals cuticles to lock in moisture. T3 components are actually made from solid tourmaline. Tourmaline is featured in every component of the hair dryer. This is of course the reason why the T3 line is more expensive. But for great salon quality hair every day, T3 is tough to beat.

T3 Hair Dryers are a great option for your hair care needs; they come in many shapes and sizes, and can different functions to match your hair care requirements. You must remember that you will never make your hair strong and appear good if you are using some cheap quality hair dryer.

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