Synthetic Wigs and Human Hair Wigs: What’s The Difference?

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Wigs are simulated hair structures. They are composed of two parts, the wig caps and hair strands. Wig caps serve as base of wig. Caps are made up of plastic, monofilament, and polyester. They bind all strands together. There are two kinds of wig caps, wefted and hand-tied caps. Wefted caps are woven by machines. On the other hand, hand-tied caps are handmade wig caps. Whether made by machines or by human hands, these caps firmly hold the wig in place.

Hair strands comprise the body of wigs. They determine the length, style, and type of wigs. Manufacturers dye, condition, and process wig strands. These are called synthetic wigs. Synthetic wigs come from animal hair. The most commonly used animal hairs are buffalo, horse, and yak hair. Some manufacturers process human hair for synthetic wigs. Others mix animal hair and human hair. They weave hair strands interchangeably on the wig cap.

Conversely, other wigs have natural human hair. These are called human hair wigs. Unlike synthetic wigs, human hair wigs are purely made up of human hair strands. They are individually woven on wig caps. Manufacturers of human hair wigs ensure natural cuticle composition on strands. How do you know if a wig is made from synthetic or human hair? There are three differentiating factors of wigs. These are cost, appearance, and post-processing style.

Human Hair Wigs are More Expensive

Manufacturers of human hair wigs, like Harlem 125 wigs, import natural human hair from other countries. Most imported human hair come from Asia. Therefore, human hair wigs are more expensive. Manufacturers follow intricate processes to retain an appropriate amount of cuticle on each strand. Prices for human hair wigs ranges may reach up to thousands of dollars.

Human Hair Wigs Look More Natural

Human hair wigs like Harlem 125 wigs look more natural than synthetic wigs. Wigs with the highest quality are called Remy wigs. Remy wigs have a unidirectional cuticle. Strands are woven on the cap based on their follicle placement. Hence, hair strands fall in a natural way.

Human Hair Wigs Can Be Ironed, Curled, and Washed

Since human hair wigs have natural human hair, these can be styled with hair irons. They have a temporary finish; wig style can be post-processed by wearers. Generally, hair boutiques offering wigs like Harlem 125 wigs provide wig care instructions to customers.

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