Sylvester Stallone Shows Art Materials Skills

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Sylvester Stallone has revealed a surprising talent for creating colourful expressionistic paintings with art materials.

The Hollywood heavyweight may be most famous for starring in high-budget action films such as Demolition Man and Tango and Cash but he displayed a softer side when he exhibited several paintings at the Art Basel Miami Beach fair in Florida, America last year.

Stallone explained that he uses art materials in his garage in California to create his work, including self portraits and impressionistic paintings, which have been valued at thousands of pounds.

Selling his art for large sums of money validates the quality of his art work, according to Stallone.

The exhibition called 'Sylvester Stallone: The Electric Burst of Creativity' featured paintings called Trapped Ideals, Hush Kathy, Childless #1, Toxic Superman and Acrylic.

Stallone was exhibiting with artist Fernando Botero who is able to sell his work for millions and the actor admitted that he was not in the same league as the Colombian.

He said: "I wouldn't exactly say I have a following. I'm not just painting for painting's sake. I want to be truthful."

The Rambo star has a long association with the art world having employed consultant Barbara Guggenheim to assist him in the acquisition of 19th century bronze work during the 1980s.

Stallone also donated his famous Rocky statue, sculpted by A. Tom Schomberg, to the Philadelphia Art Museum while filming the third instalment of the popular boxing series.

Although the American is an acclaimed director and writer, Stallone told the Sunday Times that he prefers painting to making movies because using art materials is an individual and personal experience.

He told the newspaper; "Movies are a vision dependent upon three or four hundred people to accomplish it. So there's great compromising. Whereas painting is all you do. It either soars or it crashes. There's no one to blame but one person."

The Oscar nominated actor confessed to the publication that he feels that he uses art materials best when he is in a bad mood because he is able to channel his emotions more effectively.

He said: "I find that the more unhappy you are, the more confused you are, the better your art is. Happy art, it just doesn't seem to work for me."

Stallone has helped others use art materials as he previously modelled for figure drawing classes at the New York Academy of Art which lead to the creation of a large sculpture created by Martine Vaugel.


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