Switching to Renewable Energy Sources

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These are troubling times we live in today. The economy has taken a nosedive, natural disasters abound, and civil unrest is on the rise, among other national and international problems. The problem that concerns most of us today is the economic issue, and the energy issue. Not only are many people being let go from their jobs, and the prices of goods going up, there is also an energy problem. Electricity bills are getting higher as well. The problem with the demand for gasoline is a problem that would require tremendous efforts on our personal parts to circumvent. However, the problem with rising electricity bills can be resolved personally for each of us, and/or our families.

There are many people out there that are generating their own energy to power their own homes, and 86ing their electric bill altogether. Yes, you heard me right. In fact, this is happening all over the world. How are they doing this? They are building their own solar panels to generate their own electricity, for starters. Not only that, they are also building their own windmills in their back yards to power their houses. Most every day people would think this is a dream, but it can actually be done. Let me go over the basics with you, if I may…

Wind is created when the earth's surface is heated at an uneven level by the sun. This happens because of the earth's varying types of land and water, which absorb the sun's energy in different ways and rates. It happens that the air over land gets hotter sooner than the air over the water does. So, since warm air rises, the cooler and heavier air have to rush in to take the place of the rising, warmer air. Wind! At night, however, when the air cools, it cools faster over the land than it does the water, which causes the wind to reverse direction. Today, wind energy is mainly used to generate electricity. Wind is called a renewable energy source because the wind will always blow as long as the sun comes up! This brings me to the other renewable resource: The Sun!

The sun's energy can be harnessed even easier than wind energy. I'm sure you've used one of those calculators with those solar panels on them. Haven't you? Well, do you know you can build one of those to power your appliances and light your house? It's going to be a much bigger one, and slightly different, of course, but just about the same concept and application. There is sunlight everywhere; even when it's dark. In the same way, atmospheric winds that wind around our planet are spawned when the land near the equator is heated more than the North Pole and South Pole. So, you see that the sun and wind are energy sources that are always available to us on earth. The only thing left is to harness them…

As the nature of our planet continues to change, and financial troubles on a worldwide basis continue to get worse, the ability to apply this knowledge is invaluable. This would especially be great if one owns a little bit of land, going hand in hand with a more natural, "greener" energy source. Don't take my word for it; the link below will lead you to the right place to get started.


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